Integrated Process ™ – Project Management

Making the decision to build a Log or Timber Home is one of the most important decisions of your life;
it impacts on your lifestyle in many different facets. You will at one point in time have to make decisions on the design and construction of your home that can ultimately affect your budget.

Our role as Project Managers is to draw upon our 30 years of building industry related experience and provide insight and present options that will help in the overall construction experience and desired outcome throughout the entire construction of your home. No mater which level of Project Management you chose we will be available through out the entire construction of your unique Log or Timber Home.



  • Project timeline management
  • Liaison with your builder
  • Ensures permits are acquired
  • Schedule delivery of log, timber shell to site
  • Co-ordination of Re-Set Crew
  • Liaison with local authorities for Building Inspections
  • Liaison with local contractors and tradesmen



  • Liaison with design team, Alpine Design
  • Prepare all documentation for Town Planning
  • Prepare all documentation for issue of Building Permit
  • Prepares turnkey cost estimate
  • Manage external contractors, requests estimates for service to be provided
  • Reviews quotes and prepares you a formal evaluation of each contractor
  • Ensure Quality Control inspections at all key milestones during construction
  • Locates and manages local subcontractors
  • Issue your “Certificate of Occupancy”
  • Ensure single source of accountability.

Proud Member

ALPINE LOG & TIMBER HOMES is a proud member of the Log Builders Association of New Zealand, International Log Builders Association and the Master Builders Association of Victoria. Organizations dedicated to furthering the craft of log building, the advancement of builders, and to the promotion of the highest standards of their trade.