Integrated Process ™ –  BIMx APP

Alpine Design utilizes the superior CAD drafting software ArciCAD. Our entire range of Log and Timber Post & Beam plans are now available for viewing as a 3D or Virtual Reality model, via the Free BIMx App. The BIMx App allows you to navigate and view the plan within the virtual architectural project on your mobile, desktop computers and notebooks. All our plans can be shared with anyone who has either a mobile or desktop version of the BIMx App.

Click on the BIMx icon, download the Free application, and now, for every one of our Log and Timber Post & Beam plans that you want to discover and explore, there is a link to open that plan in BIMx.

The following YouTube clip is a tutorial that will help you to use the BIMx program.

BIMx forms a major part of Alpine Designs Integrated Process

BIM project presentation on mobile devices

Multi-award winning BIMx features the Hyper-model, a unique technology for integrated 2D and 3D building project navigation.
BIMx helps bridge the gap between the design studio and the construction site.

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