‘Post and Beam’ homes are constructed using vertical posts supporting horizontal load bearing beams and / or roof trusses, to create an impressive structure of beautiful exposed members.

Logs used in Post and Beam construction can retain their natural round shape and character, or they can be milled into square lumber – this would then commonly be known as a ‘Traditional Timber Framed home’, or they can have a mixture of both.

Have your own trees on the property? We can mill these into suitably sized members to be used in your home. We can also help you source Recycled Australian Hardwood timbers if you prefer.

We can construct using all manner of joinery, from plain and simple through to more traditional mortise and tenon secured with timber dowels.

The external walls of the Post and Beam home are typically framed in between the posts, so that the structure is visible from both the inside and outside of the building. However, if extreme weather conditions are of concern, then the external wall cladding can cover the structure on the outside to protect it from the elements. Post and Beam construction allows for so many available options for internal and external cladding such as plaster, timber, shadow clad plywood panels, brickwork, rockwork, Colorbond steel, or render, to name just a few.